These poems catch us off guard. They nag at our consciousness and our need to "know." They are clear eyed and fearless. These poems will steal your heart and then your admiration. - Cathryn Essinger

The poems in this book are poems of attention, holding and held by the breadth of Curtis’ imagination, poetic skill, linguistic playfulness and interests and are infused by the breath of an embodied wisdom. 

- Pauletta Hansel 

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In an era of poetic plain speak, when so few voices in the great cacophony of American verse rise to distinguish themselves from the dryness of daily talk, or even from each other, it’s a pleasure to encounter the sinewy lines and supple syntax, the rigorous intelligence and propulsive rhythms of Grace Curtis’s The Shape of a Box.  

- George Bilgere

Available at Dos Madres Press and on Amazon.



In Grace Curtis’ The Surly Bonds of Earth, we feel in the presence of a voice richly capable of blending image and statement as it explores its various concerns. Behind that voice is an intelligence we learn to trust, and a sense of narrative tact (most evident in “Weeding”) as she thinks her way down the page. The “outer seriousness, inner humor” quality that Frost championed is hers as well.  Many pleasures here, many tones. - Stephen Dunn


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